Why i hate Religion ,but love Jesus

This video for me underlines the misconception that many people have about followers of our lord Jesus Christ. Most look at us as religious weirdo,s who lock ourselves away together and live a life of strict rules without the enjoyment of many of  life’s pleasures.

Other religions are all about WHAT YOU HAVE TO DO TO BE GOOD ENOUGH. With Christianity and Jesus as our lord and saviour it is all about what has been DONE.
Because Jesus died for our sins , we are all forgiven , if we accept him as our lord and saviour.

As Christians we can still enjoy lifes pleasures as long as God is at the centre of everything. Without God at the centre they become mere ‘ God substitues’ never quite living up to our expectations, never able to fully satisfy.

Imagine these pleasures are all spokes on a wheel , to keep them in order , for the wheel to function you need a hub in the centre – God. Without this hub the spokes just twist and crumple and fail.


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