Its been a while

I have not blogged for 2 years now , a lots happened in this time, my children are fast becoming young adults, we have enjoyed holidays, enjoyed our family allotment and of course continued to enjoy our life with Christ.

The hardest part of those years has been the struggle to cope with our youngest son Callum , whom has recently been diagnosed with severve ADHD and Autism , this has affected his school work ,having quite severe learning difficulties, behavioural problems and a cognitive delay.

sometimes we think why Lord, why us , why test us why test Callum.

Callum regularly hurts his peers at school, sometimes quite violently but he doesnt understand why, he hits us kicks us, tries pushing us down the stairs, he can not make a link between his actions and the consequences he must face for them, he has regular complete melt downs.  We are sometimes at a complete loss where to turn to.

His school have been great , we are blessed with health professionals, psychologists whom are great, but we really need to keep turning to God for strength.

We are blessed beyond words to have him, he is cheeky, loving , caring , affectionate , he is uniquely made by God and we are forever grateful of that. We would not change him for the world.

The Lord uses many ways to help us . Through Callums struggles we have seen some ugly sides of ourselves- Tempers, In patience, we have seen how quick we are to judge others on what we see. We have learnt that the lord has given Callum many talents , which we have failed to see, his Wit and comic timing, his creative mind in his drawing is amazing and his racket sport skills are superb, he is in fact naturally gifted in many ways, but the lord has used his other difficulties to open our eyes to our own short comings.

We regularly pray for Callum at our weekly homegroup , but maybe we dont pray enough in thanks and praise for the many gifts God has given him.




James 1:17 NIV

17 Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows.